Forms of Energy                3/16/09

Complete the questions below using the website: and handout provided.

1. Define energy in your own words.

2. The law of conservation of energy states...

3. Give three examples of energy conversions.

4. "Energy Efficiency" is defined as...    How efficient is the human body most of the time?

6. Calculate total renewable sources and total nonrenewable sources from the "U.S. Energy Consumption by Source" chart:

Chart of Energy Consumption by Source,2007 with biomass=3.6%, hydropower=2.4%, geothermal=0.3%, wind=0.3%, solar and other =0.1%, petroleum=37.5%, natural gas=23.3%, coal=22.5%, uranium=8.3%, propane=3.7%













7. What is renewable energy? What is nonrenewable energy?

8. Create a chart of 9 different forms of energy. Organize your chart into categories based on kinetic or potential energy types.  Include the type of energy, a brief description, and an example for each.