Body Cavities

Dorsal cavities

            Cranial =

            Spinal =








Ventral cavities

            Thoracic =

Text Box:                         Mediastinum =

            Abdominopelvic =

                        Abdominal =

                        Pelvic =

Landmarks / Terms

            Diaphragm =

Text Box:




In humans, ...

1. Which body cavity would have to be opened for the following types of surgery?

     a. remove a cancerous lung lobe

     b. removal of an ovary

     c. remove a ruptured disk

     d. appendectomy

     e. removal of the gallbladder

     f. coronary bypass surgery

     g. removal of a serious brain tumor

     h. a stomach ulcer operation

2. Which body cavity affords the least protection to its internal structures?

3. Which body cavity provides the best protection of its internal structures?

4. What structure separates the thoracic and abdominal cavities?

5. What is the mediastinum and which organs does it contain?