On the line provided, write the letter of the best answer to each of the following items.
______ 1. The narrator suggests that Mathilde’s problem is that she —
A] needs a job to give her self-worth
B] was born into the wrong social class
C] does not know how to spend her vast wealth
D] does not really love her husband

______ 2. Mathilde envies the social class and wealth of others because —
F] she was born wealthy but wants to be even wealthier
G] she feels that she deserves a more beautiful life
H] her husband is very demanding
J] her friends encourage her to be a social climber

______ 3. Mathilde borrows a necklace from Mme. Forestier because —
A] she does not have fine jewelry
B] all of her jewels are in storage
C] she does not want to wear real diamonds and risk losing them
D] Mme. Forestier offers one, and Mathilde feels bad about refusing her kindness

______ 4. Why don’t the Loisels tell Mme. Forestier that the necklace has been lost?
F] They fear Mme. Forestier will mock them.
G] They do not care what anyone thinks of them.
H] The minister advises M. Loisel not to tell the truth.
J] They are ashamed to admit their carelessness.

______ 5. In order to get the money to replace the necklace, the Loisels—

A] borrow all of it
B] steal it
C] borrow some, reduce their standard of living, and work hard
D] work hard but do not reduce their standard of living

______ 6. Mathilde seems happiest when she —
F] attends the big party
G] gets the party invitation
H] replaces the necklace
J] finally pays off her debt

______ 7. Mme. Forestier responds to Mathilde’s final revelation with —
A] cruel mockery
B] compassion and generosity
C] a scream of terror
D] amazement

______ 8. At the end of the story, it is plain that —
F] the Loisels will soon become wealthy
G] the Loisels have learned an important lesson about thrift
H] the Loisels have suffered needlessly
J] Mme. Forestier will help the Loisels

______ 9. Which of the following statements best summarizes “The Necklace”?
A] Awoman who wants to make a good impression goes to a dance.
B] An expensive necklace is lost and needs to be replaced.
C] Awoman buys an expensive dress and borrows a diamond necklace.
D] In pursuit of recognition, a woman is driven to financial ruin.

______ 10. If you were summarizing “The Necklace,” you would mention a(n) —
F] rifle
G] necklace made of fake diamonds
H] Oriental tapestry
J] expensive fur coat