review sentence patterns for end-of-the-year test. You will have to write 5 of these 6 sentences on your last vocab quiz.


1. conjunctive adverb

Sentence; ca, sentence.

I really don’t like the rain; however, it makes everything grow.


2. participle

Opener, sentence.

Sentence, closer.

Sent, interrupter, ence.

Laughing in delight, the little boy played with his dog.

The little boy, laughing in delight, played with his dog.

The little boy played with his dog, laughing in delight.


3. absolute

Opener, sentence.

Sentence, closer.

Sent, interrupter, ence.

Rain splattering against my window, the storm blew through town.

The storm blew through town, rain splattering, wind blowing.

The storm, ran splattering and wind whipping the trees, blew through town.


4. colon and list

Sentence: parallel list

I really enjoy spring: checking out the new flowers every day, mowing my lawn for the first time, getting some sun on my white legs.


5. appositive

Sent, interrupter, ence.

Sentence, closer.

My dog, a retired racing Greyhound, loves sleeping all day.

My deck, cedar wood that needs to be re-stained every other year, is my favorite place to hang out in the summer.



Subject, direct object, object of a preposition, predicate nominative, appositive.

Running can be hard on your knees.

My dog loves racing around the yard.

After running for five minutes, my dog is ready for a nap.

My dog's favorite pastime is racing around the yard.

My dog's favorite pastime, running, requires a lot of energy.