World and Cultural Geography

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Geography links page: HERE

For each day listed: italics indicate the subject material.  Underline indicates assignments.

1-21    Introduction to class.  Discuss syllabus and review basic terms and concepts of Geography.  The five themes of geography: location -- absolute location, latitude, longitude, Tropic of Cancer/Capricorn. 

2-02:    Continue the five themes of geography: Place; Movement. Begin making paper mache globes.

2-06:    Continue the five themes of geography: Region -- uniform region, functional region.  In-class project: using latitude and longitude.

2-08:    Continue the five themes of geography: Human/Environment interaction.  Continue finding places using latitude and longitude.  Keywords: scale, legend, thematic maps. 

2-10:      Making a mental map.  Some geographical features: isthmus, archipelago, continental shelf, peninsula.  Oceania and types of islands.  Territorial waters.  Quick survey of biomes, including anthropogenic biomes.

2-14:    The seven elements of culture.  Begin research on tribal group.


2-21:    The factors of climate.  A study on prevailing winds.  How to predict the location of deserts.  In-class exercise.












9-29    Finish Climate regions assignment.  Cultural Hearths, cultural diffusion.  Work on continents.

10-01    Quiz: North America. Introduction to the Demographic Transition Model.  Work on continents (should be applying country overlay).        

10-11    Understanding population pyramids, fertility rates, and GDP/per capita.  Internet research assignment: Pyramid link. CIA World Factbook.

10-13    South America Quiz review.  Complete in-class assignment.

10-15    South American quiz.  Population movement: push factors; pull factors; emigration; immigration; refugee; asylum; internally displaced.  In-class assignment: brief current even review of internally displaced people: who, where, why.

10-17    Countries of Europe.  Begin cartogram

10-19    Continue on project

10-29    Review map of Europe.  Slide presentation on divided Cyprus.  Evolution and devolution of Yugoslavia.

11-02    Terms: nation; state; country.  Slide presentation: nation-less states.  Language by countries.

11-03    Mid-term (1st quarter final)

11-05    No class.  Teacher in-service day.  END of 1st QUARTER


11-08    Languages of Europe.  Review of countries. 

11-11    Continue on micronation project

11-15    Europe Quiz.  Continue on Micronation project.

11-17    Understanding data: gdp; gdp/per capita; total fertility rate; other.

11-19    Student assembly

11-24    Snow day; no school

11-26    Thanksgiving Day; no school

11-30    Finish project

12-3    Presentations.  Begin sphere cartogram for Asia.

12-7    Finish presentations.  Continue on sphere cartogram.

12-09    Focus on projects

12-13    Practice Asia quiz game.  Continue on projects

12-15    Practice Asia quiz game: LINK.  Finish projects.

12-17    School activites -- no class today