HUMANITIES: Art Survey -- Painting, sculpture, architecture, music, poetry, film, mass-media, everyday.

             Under the Poplars - Claude Monet    The Kiss - Gustav Klimt    Persistence of Memory - Salvador Dali

 Starry Night, Van Gogh                  The Pipe Smoker, Paul CÚzanne          Under the Poplars, Claude Monet                The Kiss, Gustav Klimt                Persistence of Memory, Salvador Dali

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Italics indicates the subject material discussed in class; underline indicates in-class assignments or homework.

Scope and Sequence, with Idaho Achievement Standards: LiNk

Quarter 1/Semester 1


9-09:     What is art?  What is good art? Rules of thumb of good art. Prehistoric art. Homework assignment: Understanding Art.

9-11:     The horse through time, prehistoric to modern.  Styles and periods, the dynamism of art.

9-15:     Review of periods, part 1: Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo, Neoclassicism. Internet worksheet.

9-17:    Review of periods, part 2: Impressionism, Postimpressionism, Expressionism, Realism, Modernism, Postmodernism.  Internet worksheet.

9-21:   Internet research: painters and their paintings.  Review.

9-23:    Introduction to perspective in drawing.  Drawing single-point and double-point perspective cubes.

9-25:    Review of painters and their paintings.  Research essay: Identify an artists, explain their motives, and why you like their work.

9-29:    No class.  Homecoming rally.

10-05:   Review of artists Adding shadowing to two-point perspective drawing.  Finish essays.

10-07:    Review art and artists: justify responsesBegin interpretation of van Gogh's Starry Night.

10-09:    Continue van Gogh project.

10-13:    Finish student versions of "Starry Night;" complete a Pollock-style work.

10-15:     Drawing exercises.  Human form.  Right brain vs. Left brain.

10-19:     Test game.  Exam for the previous section is Monday, 10-19.  Introduction to sculpting.

10-21:     Sculpture links: Renaissance; Baroque; Neoclassical; ImpressionismBegin pinch-pot sculpture.

Click for Larger Picture      Image:Vertumne et pomone.JPG 

10-23:    How sculptures are made.  Continue on sculpture project.

10-27:     End of section test.  Continue on project.

10-29:     Internet research.  Use Wikipedia. Here is a cool link: World's Tallest Statues.


 11-04:    Determining a sculpture's style/era through identifying clues.  Finish first project

11-09:    What is plagiarism, and what it isn't. Madonna through the ages.  Begin "Thinker" project.

11-11:    No class (Veteran's Day Assembly)

11-17:    Internet research: important architectural structures.  Test review.

11-19:    Introduction to Architecture section.  What is an arch?  What is a vault?  Why are they used? Link #1; Link #2

11-23:    Sculpture Quiz.

11-25:    Compare and contrast three architectural styles: Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance.  Begin building project.

12-01:      Compare and contrast three types of arches using legos.  Continue on project.

12-03:    The Greek Orders.  Tour of Cathedrals.  Review of important buildings from our study list.  Continue on project.

12-07:    Slide presentation of significant buildings: Westminster Abbey, Notre-Dame de Paris, Florence Cathedral, St. Peter's Basilica, Eiffel Tower, Taj Mahal, Petra. Continue on project.

12-09:    Slide presentation of significant structures: Angor Wat, Great Wall of China, Forbidden City, Chrysler Building, Empire State building, RCA building, Guggenheim Museums -- NY and Bilboa, Spain; Sears Tower, Space Needle, Sydney Opera House.  Famous Architects worksheet.

12-11:    Slide presentation.  Work on projects.

12-15:    Review architectural styles: Richardson Romanesque, Beaux Arts, Bauhaus, Art Deco, Neoclassical.  Continue on project.

12-17:    Review architectural styles: Prairie, Mission, Ranch, Bungalow, American Foursquare, Postmodern/Internationalism, Deconstructivist.  Projects are due.

1-04:     Test game.

1-06:     Significant Building review game.  Differences between Romanesque and Richardson Romanesque.

1-08:     Begin new secion: Introduction to Poetry. 

1-12:    Architecture test. 

See full size image     

1-14:    Famous poets and poems.  Poem research: LINK.

1-21:   Create a haiku.  Poetry analysis assignment.

1-25:    Introduction to plays and playwrights.  What is a good play? Aristotle's six elements of drama.  Freytag's Triangle.  Plot and other terms. Assignment: identify examples of types of plots.

Quarter 3/Semester 2


1-27:     Begin our study of Romeo and Juliet.

2-01:    Continue our study of R & J.

2-03:    Research assignment: plays and playwrights: LINK. LINK. LINK.

2-09:    Begin Death of a Salesman

2-16:    Analyze the play thus far.  Finish the film.

2-18:    Freytag's Triangle.  Begin A Raisin in the Sun.


2-23:     Introduction to great Literature.  Novel; Genre; Literary.

3-02:    Play author and book match game.  Begin reading One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovitch.

Distribute reading assignment:

3-08:    First reading quiz.  Watch clips of the movie.

3-12:    Second reading quiz.  Generational Art.  "We are products of our time."  In-class assignment.  Continue reading.

3-16:     Final reading quiz.  In-class assignment: ODITLOID analysis.  Minimum of 20 lines.

3-18:    Great literature in miniature. Analyze O. Henry's Gift of the Magi.

3-22:    Internet research. 

3-24:    No class (testing day)

3-26:    Introduction to the orchestra.  What does the conductor do?

3-30:    The Orchestra: LINK

4-01:    Begin movie: Amadeus

Quarter 4/Semester 2

4-12:     Form of a classical piece: Link.

4-13:    Review composers and compositions.  Begin movie: Amadeus.

4-15:    ISAT testing

4-19:    Bach: Air on the G-string. Rossini: William Tell Overture; Mussorgsky: Night on Bald Mountain

4-21:    Stravinsky: Rite of Spring; Rimsky-Korsakov: Flight of the Bumblebee; Bach: Cello Suite #1. Finish movie: Amadeus.

4-23:    How to add video or audio files to a PowerPoint: LINK; Composers and scores: LINK; LINK; LINK

4-27:    Rachmaninoff: Piano Concerto Nr.2;Continue on project.

4-29:     Copland: Fanfare for the Common Man; Tchaikovsky: 1812 Overture & Nutcracker Suite. Continue on project.

5-3 through 5-13: Presentations

5-17: Begin our exploration of Multi-Media art. Try this link.


5-17 through 6-9: Work on Mix-media art projects.

6-11: Presentations due.


  "Get outta here!  And have a great summer."