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8th Grade Earth Science

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Laboratory/Activity Outline
Format and instructions for lab write ups

Lab/Activity Format


  1. Cover Page- The cover page is the first thing I should see when you turn it in and it should contain the following elements.

        Name of activity on the top of the page

        Picture depicting part of the lab set up in the middle of page

        Name, date and period on the bottom of the page

  1. Guiding Question-  This states what you are trying to find out by doing the lab

  1. Hypothesis/Prediction- What do you think will happen in the lab?

  1. Procedure- This should be a step by step description of the experimental set up if you arenít given a hand out by the teacher.  If you are provided the procedure you can use it here by cutting out the procedure and gluing to your lab report.

  1. Data-  Any observations made during the activity need to be recorded in the data section.  Donít leave out anything because you will need to analyze the results and write a conclusion using the information gathered during the lab.

  1. Analyzing Results- This is a brief summary of data in the form of a chart, table or graph that shows your results.

  1. Conclusion- This is a summary of the entire lab in paragraph form.  Your conclusion must incorporate the following information:

        Your conclusion should start out with your guiding question or what you wanted to find out by doing the lab.

        Re-state your hypothesis and tell whether it was proven true or not using data you collected to support your findings

        Reflect on your experience by considering the following questions; What was learned during the lab?  What errors/variables may have affected the results?  How might results be useful?

Make sure that everything is organized neatly in the order above and stapled together before you hand it in. Neatness and order are always a consideration when grading your labs/activities.


Susan Augustyn  Room 31