By Carsen

    The Kwakiutl Indians believed in such things as spirits.  They believed that these spirits had magical powers and would give orders and advice.  The Kwakiutls looked up to these spirits in all kinds of ways.

     The Kwakiutl Indians' diet was fairly good.  The Kwakiutl ate mostly fish like salmon.  But they didn’t only eat fish; they ate seals, sea otters, and surprisingly even whales.  Now that’s a pretty weird diet.

       The Kwakiutl were also very artistic.  They liked to make totem poles, wooden birds, and dugout canoes.  I believe that was their only method of transportation other than by foot.





     The weird thing is that the Kwakiutl live on Vancouver Island which is on the Pacific Coast of present day Canada, but their ancestors were the first to settle in present day Washington.

     The Kwakiutls held parties called potlatches in which the host gives the guests a gift.  At the potlatches people made speeches, performed dances, and sang songs.  What a party!

     Some of the Kwakiutl were part of a secret society of the Cannibal – at – the – North – End – of – the – World, and they ate human flesh.  The reason they did this is because they were possessed by a cannibal spirit.  But some of the early European visitors found out that the Kwakiutl weren’t really cannibals.  This was only for ceremonial reasons. 

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